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Your name:Shawanda

Character name:  Lindsey

Sample paragraph: Lindsey sat on a park bench with Samuel, “Sam?” she asked, “What’s going to happen when we graduate?” She continued “I don’t know beautiful” he replied, putting his arm around her “Get married? Have Kids?” he added Lindsey smiled, “You see a future with me? Even after what’s happened?” she placed her head on his shoulder ‘I always see a future with you” he said, seriously. She looked up to his eyes and he looked back, They shared a passionate kiss “I love you” she whispered “I love you too Lindsey”

Time zone:GMT

Why you want to be in the role-play: Because I’ve caught the RP bug and it’s really fun.

How often you will be active: As much as I can:)

DAY. MADE. They are my favorite Saoirse tumblr :3

DAY. MADE. They are my favorite Saoirse tumblr :3

ooc: Psst. You should be Susie.. Js.. :3

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